We are a company with an immense experience of noticing in the best sports shows that have been presented in the country, registered with a license in Colombia and the United States. We are an integrated group of professionals with more than fifty years of experience in the production and management of boxer races. Our company has gained experience programming in several countries, such as: Colombia, the United States, Venezuela, Ecuador, the Dominican Republic and the Caribbean Islands. Throughout the years, our family has grown especially by the associates chosen in our trajectory We use our connections to offer our clients high quality boxing through the use of live telecommunications.


Promote and lead sports practice, in order to promote awareness and interest in participation in physical, sports and training activities in the community and society, to contribute to improving the health and well-being of people; with a management commitment aimed at continuous improvement and obtaining good results


To be an organization recognized nationally and internationally, with a team of qualified and highly certified professionals, who provide a service oriented to the needs and expectations of the members, in synergy with other entities and sports administrations with modern facilities, which contribute to the development of big shows


COMMITMENT: with Quality: our quality management system is oriented towards the continuous improvement process. INNOVATION: continuous improvement through constant modernization of means, continuous training of personnel and improvement of infrastructure. ENVIRONMENTAL RESPONSIBILITY: we undertake actions aimed at preserving the environment, promoting sustainable development.